they’re gonna blow up the boat…..


(don’t worry, they’re all safe, no one died)


so if honest I’m pretty crap at keeping up to date with all these movies nowadays but seeing as it was christmas i decided to watch one that has been top of my list for a while; Batman – Dark Knight


stay with me here…


so in this movie the joker has two groups of people on two separate boats


both of which are hooked full of explosives, enough to blow up the entire ship


boat A held a group of working class, law abiding citizens whilst…..


boat B held a group of convicted murderers, bank robbers and gang members


so the story at this point is the joker has given each boat 1 remote which controls the detonation of the opposite boat and its passengers


he then gives both boats the ultimatum that, in order for them to survive they have 30 minutes to press the button which will detonate the opposite boats explosives and kill its passengers, or if no button is pressed both boats will blow up at the 30 minute point


(pretty sickening ultimatum right)


30 minutes goes by and guess what – neither boat pressed the button. (was surprised myself that the convicts never pressed the button in order to save their own lives)


pretty cool of both boats right?




so even when it came down to the point of saving their own life, both boats decided on doing the justified right thing…


and this is all is takes for you to get results;


for you to be happy,


for you to get in shape and start having more sex


for you to gain confidence and feel like you don’t have to hide away in those baggy clothes you wear


and for you to finally quit trying to justify your bad decisions


> did you really need to have all those crisps at work?


> did you really need all those beers with dinner each night?




> did you really need to order that curry because you couldn’t be arsed to cook?


you see its human nature to make excuses, to procrastinate on the things we know should be doing but don’t


its time to finally stop the BS and get results !


(just let that sink in for a minute)


are you finally ready to make a conscious effort to improve your bad habits?


you see our programs help change your mindset, and show you how easy it can be to change those bad habits that we seem to find so hard to stop


wanna make the right decision?


then click HERE and let us help you create you fitness strategy


well thats all i have for you today


until next time


Lynton ‘worst film watcher ever’ Dell


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