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Welcome to The Warehouse Gym - we are excited and proud to be offering you the chance to be able to transform your body and lifestyle all without losing your sanity.

Do you find yourself thinking ….

  • Im fed up and embarrassed about how I've let my body go?
  • My self-confidence is getting lower and lower?
  • I really want to give it one last go to get those abs out which all girls seem to love?
  • Now I've got kids i really want to be healthy so I'm here to watch them grow up?
  • Im ready to give it everything and finally smash the gym and get the results i want?

If the answer is yes then we are here to change that, Lets get you looking and feeling great all without endless cardio in the gym seeing no change. We are so confident at what we do that we even offer a 100% Guaranteed Results or your money back promise to every client we work with.

Believe us here at The Warehouse Gym when we say, we meet people all the time who wish for great results, but we meet very few who are willing to do something about it.

Leon Williams - Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

Lynton’s nutrition program worked, I felt good and still lifted big...

Up until November last year, I thought I knew it all. I entered my first UKBFF physique competition in November and quickly realised I wasn't as smart with food as I thought and got it all wrong and came second.

I turned to Lynton 10 weeks out from the UKBFF Nationals and he planned my entire nutrition set up. Every few days I received constant updates and check-ins to make sure everything was going as planned. He opened my eyes to a whole new way of dieting, nothing extreme and I definitely ate more on his plan than I ever have before. Having being in the “Low Carb” fan club for a while Lynton certainly made me change my thoughts on this.

Along the way there and no crazy hours of cardio which most people do. To put in simple words Lynton’s nutrition program worked, I felt good and still lifted big.

If you’re looking for guidance, coaching and want to control your weight then I 100% recommend Lynton. He will be there whether you like or not and will ensure you get the results you want! Don't pay someone to give you a plan and then ask how you got on 4 weeks later, go with someone that will give you there time to ensure you succeed.

Jack Zielinski

The results speak for themselves...

After several attempts at trying to regain my fitness and trying to maintain a healthy weight without succeeding, I decided to seek some guidance and know how. I contacted Lynton after reading some if his reviews and testimonials and seeing some of the amazing transformations posted on The Warehouse Gym Facebook page.

Lynton asked me to complete an in depth consultation form in which I detailed that with working a complexed shift pattern involving grabbing whatever I could to eat on the go, I was struggling to achieve my goals.Lynton provided me with a comprehensive nutrition plan that was step by step including which supplements to take, what to eat and when. I didn't expect a plan that would prove to be as manageable and effective as what he came up with.

The results speak for themselves. Within 9 weeks I had managed to shed over a stone, without endless hours in the gym and I was able to eat foods including cheese and double cream. His support, knowledge and guidance is second to none in achieving and sustaining great results. Highly recommended.

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