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When a client comes in for their Body Transformation Success Session we discuss at length their goals and the reasons why they are here. It is all too often i hear "i just really want bigger shoulders and arms like the guys on the magazine covers", "I wish i could look how i used to when i was younger" or " I just want to be able to take my shirt off without feeling uncomfortable." and then within just a few months they are telling me how they were the first one to take there shirt off on the beach.

This is the sole reason why i thoroughly enjoy helping people transform their bodies to condition they never thought was possible and keeping it there. More often than not i don't need to ask my clients how they are feeling, i simply look at their face and that tells me all i need to know.

My Life In Bullet Points

  • 2002 - Joined the British Army 6 months after leaving school and served 8 years in Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
  • 2005 - Started to train pro and semi pro athletes such was my fascination with improving the human body, understanding anatomy, physiology and human

biomechanics .

  • 2006, 2007, 2008 - Completed 3 tours of Afghanistan.
  • 2010 - Left the British Army to open my own training facility – The Warehouse Gym, Leicester.
  • 2011 -1 year after opening my gym won the best newcomer gym of the year out of the entire UK.
  • 2013, 2014 - Continued to be nominated and win awards at the national fitness awards including Gym Of The Year Midlands And Wales.
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Rick Reeves

Having been told by my professional rugby club that my size to strength ratio needed improvement...

Having been told by my professional rugby club that my size to strength ratio needed improvement Lynton came up with sessions to improve on this. These sessions really took me back to basics. I found lifts that I had previously hit a plateau in gradually started increase every session we had.

Although strength was my the main focus for me, Lynton also implemented excited training methods, which were not for the feint hearted. I constantly dreaded his sessions, as I knew what was to come. However, the sessions were really enjoyable and the same session was never done more than once.

Lynton's knowledge and critique of my sporting performance without a doubt helped me in my progress moving from Bedford Blues RFC and stepping up into the Aviva premiership with London Wasps.

Lynton has surprised me with his vast amount of knowledge within the strength and conditioning industry and can honestly say that athletes regardless of level will benefit from having Lynton as there strength and conditioning coach.