So last night was another shit night for me


mr insomnia has had me up since 0230 – today is gonna be a killer




as normal I went down and sat on the sofa but instead of watching replays of old marathons or teleshopping channels I decided to read a book


so this book I’m reading is all about mindset


you see i struggle massively with actually doing whats right so I’m trying to change that (i can give admirable advise i just cant take my own)


in this book theres a guy called Hernando Cortez who was an explorer


he landed on the shores of Veracruz, Mexico in like 1519


he wanted his army to conquer the land for Spain


now as he got there his soldiers faced


an agressive enemy


brutal disease




would have to conquer the land fighting up hill


as his army marched upland to do battle his soldiers were slowing dying


Cortez ordered one of his Lieutenants back to to the beach with one simple instruction


“Burn our boats”


now this is my kinda guy


no fucks given


you see the story here is there is no way he is retreating


for Cortez there was only one way out from this battle


and thats uphill to conquer this land


there was no other option


now that takes some balls right


your either gonna die or


your gonna make it up this hill and survive


and this kinda reminded me of how people should conquer life


we achieve great things when our back is up against the wall


pressure can actually enhance your performance….


now we all know that easy times don’t make you better – (just stop and think about that for a minute)


i mean imagine if we had that same mindset as Cortez did back in 1519 when it came to our health and fitness


> how good would you feel if retreating wasn’t an option?


> how much would you follow the plan you have if deviating from it wasn’t an option?


> how good would you look if failing just wasn’t a possibility?




> how loud would you live if you knew “your boats were burning”


and this is all you have to do for you to conquer all of those emotions that you feel from being overweight


its not gonna be easy


its going to be hard


your gonna have to work at it everyday


but you know what if you hold your hands up


stop with your excuses and “Burns your boats” you can have exactly what you want


ready to start developing your battle skills?


then its so easy


just click HERE and let us create your battle plan


Lynton “insomnia can go screw itself” Dell


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