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Do you sit at home wishing that you could;

  • Maximise fat loss whilst adding lean muscle mass
  • Grow those guns to fill out your shirts just like the magazines show
  • Not have to worry about taking off your shirt on holiday
  • Give it one last chance to try and get those abs out that all these girls seem to want

So many of our clients have achieved ALL of these things and more with our results or MONEY BACK guarantee. We see people all the time failing at achieving their ideal body and we do not want that for you. And with our limited offer of a FREE BODY TRANSFORMATION SUCCESS SESSION results are pretty much guaranteed to succeed.

So here at The Warehouse Gym how do we categorically prove to you that what we do is so good? The answer is very simple: we focus purely on one thing, something that has always remained top of our priority list … RESULTS!


Rendal Munroe

Lynton’s sessions were intense and painful, yet so effective ...

I would like to say a big thanks to Lynton for the help in my preparation training for my big fight Vs Scott Quigg. On a week-to-week basis we worked on plyometrics, speed & agility and explosiveness. Although raw strength was not top of priority list, Lynton really showed me how strength work can have a major part to play to an athlete regardless of your sport.

Lynton’s Sessions were intense and painful yet effective. Lynton’s knowledge and experience has definitely helped towards the preparation of my elite fitness for this bout.

Ben Castleman

I get contacted regularly by Lynton on how I’m feeling so he can monitor my progress...

Hypertrophy training is a huge part of my life and from it being just a hobby, it has now definitely become more of a lifestyle and one I am very happy with.

During the longevity of my training I have always struggled to monitor one aspect, and the most important one at that, which is nutrition. I contacted Lynton mid-May last year telling him what I want to achieve and my goals etc and throughout the months to date, it has worked a treat for me.

Within 3 weeks of being on a macro based diet by Lynton my body fat % dropped by 3% and i had so much energy. The variety of foods he offers means your diet will never be boring and the support and advice given is spot on.

I get contacted regularly by Lynton on how I’m feeling so he can monitor my progress. Even if this field isn’t your forte you can ask him anything and you get an accurate answer no matter how stupid you think the questions maybe.

I have found this kind of tailored program works perfect for me. 10 weeks into it my fat % dropped from 13.2% to 7.5% and my weight dropped from 92.5kg to 88.6kg. I would highly recommend Lynton’s nutrition plans to anyone who has a passion in training, wants to look good or just stay fit and healthy.

My next goal is to compete later this year and I know with my determination, motivation and will power, plus Lynton’s help, my goal will be achieved.